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Expertise in Historic Copperplate and Modern Calligraphy

Welcome to the Flourish website. If you have found your way here then you are interested in learning the art of calligraphy,

commissioning a piece of professional lettering work, or looking for help in your current calligraphy practice.

Flourish is a home for all these things, but it is also a philosophy for living.

To flourish is to thrive, to prosper, to wave, to display, to parade, to decorate, and of course to embellish.

When a plant or a person flourishes it reaches its peak: its beautiful lifeforce and vitality is fully expressed to the world.

Essentially, to flourish is to grow, and that is what the resources here offer – personal growth. Through teaching, books and fellowship with others, the art of calligraphy can embellish our lives in more ways than one. It offers respite from the modern world, an escape from technology,

and a vehicle for creative expression.

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Looking to learn a new skill on your own time? Check out these beautifully illustrated books for beginners, which offer easy to follow instructions and dozens of examples.
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Learn the beautiful art of calligraphy from the comfort of your own home. Sign up to our online workshops to gain new skills, get feedback on your work from an expert, and meet new people from all walks of life.
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Elevate your personal and professional events with the beautiful art of calligraphy. We are experts in providing high quality copperplate calligraphy and contemporary lettering design at an affordable price.


Expertise in Historic Copperplate and Modern Calligraphy

Flourish provides clear, easy to follow instructions on the essential skills required for copperplate calligraphy. It also serves as an interesting reference for more experienced calligraphers seeking inspiration, ideas, and further information on advanced techniques.


Flourish is lavishly illustrated throughout with photographs, full-colour illustrations, and expert examples of fine handwriting to complement

the written descriptions. Alongside a thorough grounding in the practical basics, the observations in

this book equip you with everything you need to develop a unique writing style of your own. 

No former knowledge of calligraphy is necessary to appreciate and understand this book.


Book sections include a look at the development of historical copperplate, practical lettering instructions for lower-case letters, alphabet variations, gilding, embellishments and more. Suited to beginners, intermediate students, and advanced calligraphers.